January 17, 1999

This is not the way I'd expected to inagurate my journal, but I suppose I could do worse. So, without further ado, here's that survey everybody seems to be filling out these days...

Nicknames: I've had a few, but I'd like to have a fighting chance of not giving away my identity on the day I start this journal... :-)

Hometown: Far Rockaway, NY.

Croutons or Bacon Bits: I've occasionally nibbled on croutons. I've never had bacon bits, even the utterly artificial kosher variety.

Favorite Salad Dressing: None. I don't care for salad.

Do you drink: Nope. I don't like the taste of alcohol, in any of its forms. Besides, the mere thought of a substance that lowers inhibitions and intelligence gives me the willies.

Shampoo or conditioner: Yes to the former, no to the latter.

Have you ever gone skinny dipping: Nope.

Do you make fun of people: I try not to, for the most part. There have been occasional lapses, and there will probably continue to be in the future, but I'm not proud of that.

Favorite color: Scarlet. In general, I like primary colors, especially vivid shades of primary colors, like scarlet, turquoise, and canary yellow. I dislike earth tones, especially green.

Have you ever been convicted of a crime? Nope.

One pillow or two?: Alas, one. I really ought to go out and buy a second; I think it would be worth the money. The fluffier, the better.

Pets: None. Animals scare me. Although I like cats in the abstract.

Favorite Type of Music: I have eclectic tastes. Most of the albums in my collection fall into three categories, though: (1) Musical soundtracks, (2) Novelty music, (3) Female pop vocalists. I also collect covers of "When the Saints Go Marching In."

Hobbies: The Internet, music, writing, lettering T-shirts, and other misc. I omit reading only because to call that a "hobby" would be absurd; it's an addiction, an obsession, and a way of life.

Dream Car: A Pullman, in my own private train. I love trains.

Type of Car you drive now: None.

Words or phrases you overuse: "I hear," "on the whole," "actually."

Toothpaste: No real preference, and, to be honest, my oral hygiene habits could stand some improvement.

Favorite Food: Pizza. With extra cheese.

Piercing or tattoos: None. I confess that I don't really understand why somebody would want to turn his or her body into a permanent coloring book.

On-line Crush: None.

Current boyfriend/girlfriend: None. And I'm not looking, either.

Most romantic thing that ever happened to you: Zilch.

How do you characterize yourself (a hopeless romantic or non-romantic)? Umm, is "both" an option?

Do you get along with your parents?: Yes, but not as well as they think I do.

Favorite town to chill in: New York, New York, it's a hell of a town...

Favorite Ice Cream: Carvel soft vanilla.

Favorite Drink: In transition. A month ago, I would have said Dr Pepper. For ages before that, it was Coke Classic. I've been getting into tea lately, though, partially due to Mary Anne's influence. Once you try it with milk, it's a whole new ball game...

What's your bed time?: Late. Very late. I tend to fall asleep when other people are getting up for the morning.

Adidas, Nike or Reebok: Currently, Reebok. The pair of sneakers I had before that were Champions, and I was pretty happy with those, especially considering that they lasted me about eight years.

Favorite Perfume/Cologne: None. But in an effort to be somewhat obliging, allow me to substitute Favorite Bubble Bath: Vanilla.

Favorite Song at the moment: "Hell is for Children," by Pat Benatar.

Favorite Movie(s): The Princess Bride and Mary Poppins.

Favorite TV Shows: The Muppet Show. I check out an episode every time I stop by the Museum of Television and Radio; it's my one constant on trips there.

Favorite Novel: Little Women, by Louisa May Alcott. After that, the field opens up drastically, and I'd have to start naming a list of hundreds. So I'll stop there.

Favorite Website: Mary Anne's homepage. It's the best personal website I've seen anywhere, and it has pretty much everything.

Favorite subject in school: English, hands down.

Least Favorite Subject: Geography, followed closely by History.

Favorite Alcoholic Drink: We've already established that I don't drink, right?

Favorite chick drink: We've already established that I don't drink, right? :-)

Favorite Sport to watch: The advertisements during the Super Bowl.

Most recent humiliating moment: Having my latest overdue fine at the library ($31.00, thank you) discussed by the five or six people behind me in line.

Loudest person you know: Hmmm. Nobody comes to mind. And if anybody did, I'd be too nice to say so, anyway. :-)

Craziest person or silliest you know: Probably myself, on both counts.

Favorite Holiday: I'm not sure I have one anymore. It used to be Purim, but times have changed...

What do you look for in a mate/lover: I haven't started looking.

The worst thing that has happened to you in the past couple months: Oh, discovering that the dropout rate among the students I tutor has been insanely high, going far beyond the boundaries of random chance and such. Sigh.

Say one nice thing about the person who sent this to you and be sure to send it back to them: I swiped this off the web, where it popped up in a whole bunch of journals simultaneously, so I doubt this really applies.

Tomorrow: I start this journal for real. I think.