The month after the month when I started writing this thing.
February 1999

1: Tea and Thermoses
2: This One's Short
3: So who needs time for homework?
4: The Journalist's Paradox
5: Stalking a Job
6: This 'n' That
7: Adventures in Food
8: Philosophy 101
9: Computers, Copyediting, Content, Colors
10: The Rent Situation, and an Education Rant
11: The Man, His Son, and Their Donkey
12: What Happened Thursday (Part I)
13: What Happened Thursday (Part II)
14: Religion and Relativism, Take I
15: Wagging the Dog, and Moving On
16: I'maFailureasaTutor
17: Shakespeare in Love
18: Country, Chaucer, Column, Page Count
19: A Quick Note
20: References, Part I
21: References, Part II
22: Sorry, but...
23: Misandrony, Take I
24: Three Quick Notes
25: In Which I Purchase a Phone
26: Wake-Up Calls
27: References, Part III
28: Week in Preview