After these things, when the wrath of King Ahasuerus subsided...
Monday, March 20, 2000

My ISP's having trouble again; out of file space, and not communicating well with the outside world. I suppose it's nice being reminded of why I'm leaving it. The only catch is that the Unix shell on the ISP I'm switching to turns out to be slow as molasses, which leaves me wondering if I'm not better off shopping around a bit longer.

'Course, in the meantime, I'm paying for two ISPs, so maybe I'd better just move to the second one and stick it out for the next few months, at least.

In other financial news, I've finally been approved for a credit card!

Okay, I confess that I no longer know why I want a credit card, except that, having been turned down a couple of times, it's become personal. So I signed up for this one simply because I was supposedly pre-approved, and it had no annual fee. It also offered me a choice of seven card designs, and twelve free issues of either Sports Illustrated or Entertainment Weekly, but that was simply icing on the cake. (I chose the latter, and had better remember to cancel the subscription when the appropriate time comes.)

So I've gotten a letter to inform me that the card is in the mail, I've got a $200 credit limit, and I have now taken that all-important first step toward a lifetime of trying to pay off my credit card bills.

Hmm. It looks like my first ISP was down because they were finally doing a bit of upgrading, trading in Pine 4.02 for Pine 4.05L. I don't know why they didn't go for 4.21 as long as they were at it, but I'm not about to argue.

On the other hand, some of the other utilities have gone AWOL, but I suppose they're still working on everything else. Would've been nice if they'd bothered to inform us in advance, but that would have been wildly out of character for them. Which is more or less why I'm leaving; the consumer service is awful. If that's what I wanted, I could go to a large ISP.

I'm rereading Dickens's Hard Times for class. I'd forgotten how much fun the book is. I keep laughing out loud every few pages.

Tonight being Purim night, I had the option of hearing the Megillah read at a local synagogue, or the campus Hillel chapter. I opted for the latter, on grounds that it's about the only time I ever go there, and I probably oughta maintain my connection to the place, however tenuous.

Well, it backfired. I ended up leaving with the resolution never to have anything further to do with the place. According to some opinions, I didn't even fulfill my obligation to hear the Megillah, on grounds that other people in the audience were talking during the reading, and you can only really listen to one voice at once. Not particularly wanting to go elsewhere to hear the whole thing again, I relied on some more lenient opinions, but I'm really not happy about having had to do so.

That the rabbi running the show was among the offenders towards the end pretty much demolished any respect I had for him, or the place in general.

Happy birthday, Monique! And, to my Jewish readers, Happy Purim!