Shmuel Out.

Back in my last entry, before we launched into the final episode of 2013, I said:

I wrote a few paragraphs of an entry about the producers and what might happen next, but... meh. The quick version is: desperate attempts to regain juggernaut status are ill-advised; bring back the previous semifinal process; three judges good, four judges bad; chemistry takes time; I'd like to see Keith/Nicki/Mariah as a panel; and if they actually manage to convince Harry Connick Jr. to be a judge, somebody else can pick up the pool, 'cause I'm out.
Turns out, I wasn't kidding! I haven't seen a moment of this season. All I know about it is that Harry Fucking Connick Jr. is involved, which is good enough reason for me not to be.

If anybody else wants to pick up the pool, and wishes to use this site to do so, I will gladly make posting access available. Otherwise... 10 years wasn't a bad run.

(P.S.: I've tried turning comments back on, but it doesn't seem to be working. I have no idea why, and it hardly seems worth spending the next hour tracking it down, considering. Y'all know where to find me...)



We all think Candice will be this year's American Idol. Are we right?

Top 2: Performances


This is it! The final showdown at the Kodak Theatre!

Top 3: Results


Three go in! Two go on! This... is American Idol!

Top 3: Performances


Three people left! And expect plenty of homecoming footage, because we do have two hours to fill.

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