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Get notified!

There are two mailing lists associated with this Web site: the notify list, and the unnotify list.

The notify list:

Members of this list receive an e-mail notification every time I post a new entry to my journal. They also occasionally get extra bits that I don't feel like putting on the Web. I'm currently using YahooGroups for this list, and have no plans to switch services anytime soon.
The unnotify list:
Members of this list get the occasional extra bits that I don't feel like putting on the Web, without getting lots of e-mail heralding new entries. I'm currently using "blind cover copies" (bcc:) for this list, but expect to switch to YahooGroups if it grows much more.
The occasional extra bits are very occasional; I haven't kept track, but I'd guess that I've posted perhaps a dozen a year.

Note that there's no need to subscribe to both lists, as members of the former list already get everything sent to the latter.

The names and e-mail addresses of members of both lists are known only to myself, and will be kept confidential.