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Five Syllable Blurbs:

Again, I Said, by Dreama
Right-wing and Jewish

Ann Arbor Is Overrated
Snark, activism

Areas of Unrest, by Miriam Nadel
Red Sox fan, alas

A Stranger Here Myself, by Karen Meisner
Jeremiah's mom

Blog of a Bookslut, by Jessa Crispin et al.
Readin' and 'ritin'

Cafe Rambleflower, by Heather Shaw
Entrees and entries

Columbia Journalism Review
Media watchdog

Celluloid Eyes, by Jette
Movies and Muppets

Changed Priorities Ahead, by Julie
Lives in Ann Arbor

Contraversion Dot Com, by Stacy Jenson
We worked together

Dave Barry's Blog, by Dave Barry
Not making this up...

Devarim, by Shanna
Jewish lawyer, mom

Everything's More Fun in Pigtails! by Sock-Girlie
Has a sock monkey

Flutterby, by Dan Lyke et al.

Girl Is Crafty, by Adelle
Dell is the shizzle!

Glitter, by Krystyn Wells
Found in December

Grim Amusements, by Iain
Some thoughts on the news

Journal, by Neil Gaiman
Author of Sandman

The Life of Pie, by Monique
Parakeet owner

Lorem Ipsum (and Neology), by Jed Hartman
Editing partner

The Mighty Kymm, The Livejournal Years, by Kymm Zuckert
Long-running, daily

More Bex Than That at Which Sticks Can Be Shook aka PLANET BEX, by Bex Schwartz
That's a long title!

news from me, by Mark Evanier
Entertainment news

Nobody Knows Anything, by Diane Patterson
Cali screenwriter

An Ongoing Erratic Diary, by Mary Anne Mohanraj
My first diary

Pamie.Com, by Pamela Ribon
Comedy legend

Press Think, by Jay Rosen
Media musings

The ShanMonster Page, by The ShanMonster
Five syllables? Ha.

stagnant underground, by Elaine Terry
She got me started

Susie Bright's Journal
Smut anthologist

Web-Goddess, by Kris Howard
Crafty Australian

well.notes, by Erin
My Christian sister

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